One grey autumn day in Ukraine I was anticipating Friday, the 13th. I was 7 and took the ominous day seriously. Somehow I knew that when the 13th falls on a Friday bad things happen. That day I went to schoolRead More
I haven’t written a line in my blog since I got engaged and decided that finally I can just lie around all day and do nothing started my new job and that was over 6 months ago! I missed myRead More
Recently I spent a week on a beautiful yoga retreat in magnificent Ubud in Bali. As well as all the natural wonders and beautiful people that surrounded me, I got the opportunity to be alone a lot more than inRead More
Belief. Belief in others, those close to you, those who you love. We never want our loved ones to be hurt or disappointed.  As a result, we could be guilty of holding them back. It might well be because ofRead More
Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you rational mind gets you to ‘settle down’ for what seems the logical decision, even if your heart or your gut or whatever else in you body is sending you warningRead More
Selfishness has a bad stigma. I wrote in my previous posts, that because being selfish has such a negative label, many of us have been raised, believing that putting ourselves first is wrong when in fact it is healthy. Sometimes weRead More