Strong relationships often come up as an important factor in the research into wellbeing and happiness. Having people around you who you have a meaningful and trusting connection with contributes to our sense of belonging, reduces stress and cultivates positive emotions. Equally, the ability to build good relationships at work plays an important part in our professional success. I've been reflecting on what is the secret sauce to strengthening relationships. One of the people who
My fiance is a great example of an optimist. He always feels optimistic about going to a random Melbourne restaurant without checking its rating and reviews (shocking, I know!).All the while I am secretly trying to look it up on Zomato and search for a plan B just in case it is rated below 3,5.  If you are not from Melbourne, let me offer you some context. Melbourne is a renowned food capital of Australia, the
Resilience is often named as one of the core skills required to become successful and lead an emotionally balanced life. Although reverting to alcohol and chocolate incorporating daily yoga and meditation into my life has helped me get perspective on life and thus become a calmer (and more resilient) person, I think you can always improve your resilience skills. Besides, I used to be a super anxious person (the type that would choose to eat a questionable quality
One grey autumn day in Ukraine I was anticipating Friday, the 13th. I was 7 and took the ominous day seriously. Somehow I knew that when the 13th falls on a Friday bad things happen. That day I went to school unsure of what to expect. I got my first and only ever F. As the day unfolded I fell in a puddle and got scolded for being clumsy. I was sure the date was cursed. I
I haven’t written a line in my blog since I got engaged and decided that finally I can just lie around all day and do nothing started my new job and that was over 6 months ago! I missed my writing and felt quite guilty at times, but I couldn’t bring myself to even open my blog let alone type a word. They say consistency is the key to becoming great at something, I guess
Recently I spent a week on a beautiful yoga retreat in magnificent Ubud in Bali. As well as all the natural wonders and beautiful people that surrounded me, I got the opportunity to be alone a lot more than in my everyday life.   It probably was one of the ‘quietest’ periods of my life.  I consciously forced myself to slow down - both physically and mentally.Practising what I preach I promised myself to enjoy