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A story of one aspiring Healthie navigating through the world of all the many things wellness, with a few smiles in between, all for a sole purpose of living one’s best life possible.

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Welcome to HealthieSelfie!

I am delighted that you are here and am looking forward to sharing HealthieSelfie journey with you. But first things first, some introductions to be made!

My name is Julie, I am a Ukrainian living in Australia, currently based in Melbourne. I am passionate about health, balance, happiness and human nature.

People generally aspire to be hot and sexy healthy and it is no surprise that health and wellness is a multi-billion industry and growing. Just look around – we are constantly brainwashed  educated about how to live a healthy lifestyle – eat well,exercise, get more sleep. On the surface it is a no-brainer: don’t eat processed food, get moving, get your shut-eye and you will reach the holy grail of ‘Healthiness’.


This is all in theory, but in reality adhering to these few principles is hard (a late night girls date with gossips, red wine and chocolate vs. 6:30 am hot yoga class on a Sunday with a green smoothie afterwards, anyone?!). It requires commitment, discipline, continuing boyfriend support  motivation and of course hard work. Our minds trick us in whatever they can come up with, (and believe me, they get creative) to avoid hard work.

This brings us to the next point, we want to be fit and healthy without doing any work (this relates to other areas of our life too – just remember countless scams like ‘Click here and win a million dollars instantly’ –in case you are wondering, no, I haven’t clicked on those). Hence why over the years there has been developed so many different diets, exercise plans, fat-loss machines and countless variety of other solutions like magic pills– all with the one goal to keep our minds and bodies at the best possible condition with minimum effort required.

Which is why it got all really confusing and contradicting! I hope I am not the only lost soul in trying to navigate in this sea of Health&Wellness* (H&W). I am serious, have you ever tried googling Paleo vs Vegan?! (First world problems, I know!) There are opposing school of thoughts to pretty much every theory out there: raw or slow cooked, fruit smoothies vs no fructose, cardio vs weight lifting, eat your breakfast vs intermittent fasting, coffee vs no coffee – I can go on and on..

Nevertheless, learning what is right for you, as an individual, seeing results of the effort you put in on your journey is inspiring and exciting, and hopefully beneficial in the long term!

Having tried so many things and with so many more to come HelthieSelfie was born – to share the journey,laughs, and inspiration while figuring out what it actually means – to live in a healthy harmony with your mind, your body and your soul.

Happy Reading!

Your HealthieSelfie

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