Believe in Those You Love

Belief. Belief in others, those close to you, those who you love.

We never want our loved ones to be hurt or disappointed.  As a result, we could be guilty of holding them back. It might well be because of real concern for them, or we might be disguising ‘care’ for a lack of belief.

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Sometimes people are growing and there loved ones are at a stand still, and they might be inadvertently trying to hold someone back in fear of losing them. Have you ever been standing at the crossroad and your closest ones were discouraging you from taking on a new route? Think about these common conversations that happen around us or even to us:

“What do you mean you became a vegetarian? What about our Thursday steak nights! You will not last long – that’s not who you are!” or ” You can’t get up at 7 am every morning, you have always slept till 12, I know you – you will not last!”, “What do you mean you decided to quit practising law and become a yoga teacher (this by the way is a real story from this TED talk)! You have no clue what you are doing!”

We often do it to our dearest and nearest – close friends, partners, and family.  We may think we mean well, but we don’t.  A lack of belief does not only concern major life-changing decisions. It is a big part of our everyday life.

Women often complain that their husbands or boyfriends don’t help them enough at home.

Yet every time their second half tries to do something he is often doomed to fail. The poor fellow bought the wrong brand of milk, did not put the frying pan on the correct shelf, did not clean well enough.

I bet many women can recognise themselves right now. I certainly am guilty of sometimes slipping into it. And when I do even my amazingly caring boyfriend does not fail to reward my lack of belief in his abilities by delivering on my expectations and forgetting how to turn our washing machine on.

All I need to do is let go of my ego and trust. Have faith in him –  that he will buy the right tub of

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yoghourt, he will succeed with his idea, he will close this deal. I believe that my friend will get that promotion and my grandma will recover from her injury and will walk again and so on and so forth.

Without belief in the ones we love we are cutting their wings off and prevent them from flying high. Why not stop all doubts and fuel  the dreams of the ones we care about with our sincere belief in them and their power!


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