#LetGo of being a super (wo)man

I recently saw this #LetGo & Find Your Sanctuary ad and I am embarrassed to admit how much it resonated with me (I may have cried a little watching it). It is just an ad, and ads are aimed at getting us to buy a particular brand of a shower gel. Nevertheless, the pragmatic intention of the video does not take away the gravity of the message. And the message is that millions of women feel huge pressure to do more and ‘be more’.

The 2,5-minute video features a group of older women reflecting on their life to date. And they send a very powerful message – we need to spend more time being, rather than doing. Sanctuary released the #LetGo video back in 2015. I only saw it this week and sadly the state of things have not improved.


LetGoOur fast-paced life flies by in a whirlwind of to-dos, scarcity of time and abundance of stress. And whilst the focus of the #LetGo campaign is on women, I feel that men have it tough too!

Regardless whether you are a man or a woman many of us find it tough to unplug, to indulge and simply be.  And even if we do that, how often do we feel the guilt nagging in the background? The nasty voice saying ‘You should be exercising/ cooking meals for the week/planning to save the world!’ It should go without saying that the #LetGo thing only applies in moderation. If you spend every weekend ‘indulging’ in Netflix for 8 hours a day then I suggest you stop reading this blog and google ‘7 habits of highly effective people’ or some other book to get your procrastination kicked!

Intent to Indulge

What a paradox it is that our lives are the most comfortable ever(at least for those of us living in first-world countries) yet statistically one in four  Australians will suffer from anxiety in their lifetime. We can have our groceries delivered home, our meals prepped for us and washing machines washing our clothes (on that note, can someone invent a self-ironing device, please?!) and yet we are time poor and stressed! I know we can’t always be jumping around with joy. There is a lot of juggling we have to do, and sometimes our life is really tough. But, how often it’s all about our perspective on life?

SuperWomanWhen you stop trying to be a super(wo)man all the time, you enjoy this thing called life a little more! Yes, it is annoying when your boss is grumpy, the kids would not get ready on time, or the traffic is bad. However, if this was our last day on earth – how much of it would really matter?  I bet 90% of the time it wouldn’t. The times when I am good at having a ‘healthy’ perspective on life and giving myself permission to let go is when I keep front of mind what is truly important to me and aim to live with intent. I fail to do so as often as I succeed. When I do it well though I find great pleasure in ‘being’ and simply enjoying the cuddles, laughter, a delicious cup of tea or the beautiful trees around me while I am stuck in traffic!

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