Dream big and Don’t settle!

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you rational mind gets you to ‘settle down’ for what seems the logical decision, even if your heart or your gut or whatever else in you body is sending you warning signs?

Have you ever heard anyone saying  “I am not that excited about this job,pays the bills and I don’t  know what else I can be doing.” -they take the job and find themselves there 10 years later. Or: “I would really love to study acting, but being an Accountant will always put dinner on the table” – so they get an accounting degree, and maybe even a CPA afterwards and end up doing it for the rest of their lives.

To some extent I do it myself, although I can feel I am getting better.. or so I think.

I personally am all for a methodical, logical thought process. I don’t believe we should give in to our emotions and make spur of the moment decisions and potentially let other people down.  I don’t think that we should quit our jobs tomorrow, or take out a loan for half a million dollars to invest in an idea that ‘we feel will be successful’ or stop following through on our commitments because our heart is not with it.

This is not a post about turning your brain off and listening to your heart – you can read my ramble about that here.

This is about settling for less or actually NOT settling for less.

I am worried, that the less we notice our ‘gut feel’, the more we start to ‘settle’. Settle for less, for good enough, for comfortable, for less risky. Settle for the belief that life is not a dream, that you can’t have it all, or you can’t  do what you love every day…

It all might be true, I am not old enough to know. I might still be living in la-la land and people who have 5 kids and 3 mortgages might want to throw raw eggs in my face.

And yet, I can’t help but wonder if we start to rationalise everything we may never find a good enough reason to draw that painting, open that small cafe or write that blog. Is it possible we might lose our ability to chase our dreams or even forget what they were if we settle for less? Or is it a normal part of becoming an adult?

I don’t really know, but I believe the moment we start settling for less is the moment we stop striving for the best,chasing our dreams and stretching ourselves.  And as George Edward Woodberry said:

Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.

So I am going to dream big, try my best and I will not settle and I hope you won’t either.


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