Mindset Shift: Negativity at Work

One grey autumn day in Ukraine I was anticipating Friday, the 13th. I was 7 and took the ominous day seriously. Somehow I knew that when the 13th falls on a Friday bad things happen. That day I went to school unsure of what to expect. I got my first and only ever F. As the day unfolded I fell in a puddle and
got scolded for being clumsy. I was sure the date was cursed.

I may not believe in the evil powers of the Friday the 13th anymore, but I do trust in my thoughts, beliefs and attitude influencing the flow of my life. So when I spent a week worrying about the upcoming Friday I was so anxious that I couldn’t think straight. No wonder I failed the test.

“You see what you already hold within you.”

In the context of personal development, it has become somewhat mainstream to adopt a ‘what you think you become’ attitude. We pull ourselves up when we get into the negativity rut. We recognise that we can’t see what we don’t have within us. So if everyone around me seems fearful and insecure, chances are these attributes live within me more than I may realise or want to admit, otherwise, how would I have noticed?

Yet I feel work environment can be quite different. At work, many of us are fuelled with negative energy. In the attempts to minimise risks and avoid failing, focussing on what can go wrong may seem like the right thing to do.  We see things through a critical lens and the reality delivers on our vision.

I am in no way advocating for giving up risk assessment, not admitting a job poorly done or not recognising when there is an issue. I do feel though there is a transformative power in a mindset shift. When we take radical responsibility and start to focus on how processes can improve, people can change and opportunities can get even better, we realise that it is up to us to be the change maker and influence what we don’t like – within us and in the outside world.

And suddenly you look at the same challenge in a different light – and it is an exciting possibility rather than a demising threat.


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