Belief. Belief in others, those close to you, those who you love. We never want our loved ones to be hurt or disappointed.  As a result, we could be guilty of holding them back. It might well be because of real concern for them, or we might be disguising 'care' for a lack of belief. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="217"] Image Source:http://kimklaverblogs.com[/caption] Sometimes people are growing and there loved ones are at a stand still, and
Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you rational mind gets you to 'settle down' for what seems the logical decision, even if your heart or your gut or whatever else in you body is sending you warning signs? Have you ever heard anyone saying  "I am not that excited about this job,pays the bills and I don't  know what else I can be doing." -they take the job and find themselves there
Selfishness has a bad stigma. I wrote in my previous posts, that because being selfish has such a negative label, many of us have been raised, believing that putting ourselves first is wrong when in fact it is healthy. Sometimes we even  lack the ability to do so, we just want to be convenient for everyone else around us. The other day someone I know had a tough decision to make. Whatever she decided on, one of
The other day I was late for my plane. Not because of traffic, bad weather or any other external factors outside my control, I mixed up the check in time and next thing I knew - came the sinking feeling in my gut when I realised that instead of getting in my taxi to go to the airport I should be fastening my seatbelt - on the plane. This wasn't a big deal, I got the next flight
We are often told that each one of us is unique, and our approach to doing the same thing will differ. If I decide to recreate the same idea as my neighbour, it is quite likely that the end result will not be identical. Whilst this all makes perfect sense in theory, often times I don't actually believe  it. Instead, I have the nagging self-critic voice whispering in my ear - 'Who do you think you are, to believe that
To all the people who know exactly what they want in life.. I am jealous! You make me feel ashamed... ashamed that I do not have my life-long purpose all figured out, that I am still not sure who I want to be when I grow up. I am jealous.. jealous of your strong sense of purpose and direction, that you found your 'calling' and I have mine hiding somewhere all these years not giving me