The other day I was late for my plane. Not because of traffic, bad weather or any other external factors outside my control, I mixed up the check in time and next thing I knew – came the sinking feeling inRead More
We are often told that each one of us is unique, and our approach to doing the same thing will differ. If I decide to recreate the same idea as my neighbour, it is quite likely that the end result willRead More
To all the people who know exactly what they want in life.. I am jealous! You make me feel ashamed… ashamed that I do not have my life-long purpose all figured out, that I am still not sure who IRead More
It has been a week since the Good Friday, and whilst the most responsible of us still may have some Easter bunnies stashed somewhere in the pantry, for majority the chocolate pig out is over and we are collectively ‘detoxing’.Read More
I am not my brain. This is a statement that some people will relate to, whilst many others will completely disagree. I am not a scientist, nor am I a doctor or researcher, and my knowledge about the brain and theRead More
You don’t have to be the same person you were yesterday. Or even a minute ago. People tend to really get hooked onto the idea that we are static, that our habits drive our behaviours. We have routines, and generallyRead More