Regular exercise, mindful eating and a balanced, healthy lifestyle is not hard to maintain if this is your routine. However, most of us are not born programmed to live a healthy life, so it comes down to our own choices and decisions. The power is within us. We all have heard this before, but why is it so hard to drag yourself to the gym in the morning and say no to the delicious piece
Summer bodies are made in winter. We all have heard this saying before, but perhaps someone should yell it in my ear on one of those winter mornings, when the alarm goes off to get  me out of the cosy warm bed for the morning work-out.And it's pitch black outside  and cold. All I want to do is turn the alarm off and keep sleeping, which doesn't sound like such a bad idea at the
Generally speaking,if you are really dedicated to a healthy diet , your fridge will be stocked with fresh produce, pre-planned meals, nutritious snacks and a few guilt-free desserts... BUT unless you live under the stone with no friends  you are completely isolated from the society chances are, you will be invited to dinners, lunches, breakfasts, high teas and other social activities that inevitably involve consuming food that has been prepared by someone else in a commercial
Since we have touched on the liquids theme in the previous post, let's keep the momentum going and talk about hydration. This is one of the major pillars of a healthier you has become common knowledge, thanks to the abundance of public campaigns and ads. The norm is disputed amongst the healthcare professionals, but usually sits somewhere between 1,5 - 2,5 l of pure water, give or take, depending on your lifestyle and the climate
Despite all the controversy and opposing views around majority of H&W* concepts, there are a few principals that are more or less universal and serve as building blocks for a healthier you. Top of the list goes to eliminating processed and high in sugar foods and increasing your daily water intake. Another one, also related to liquids, is alcohol. The Hard Stuff is our topic d'jour. It is common knowledge, that excessive alcohol consumption harms
A story of one aspiring Healthie navigating through the world of jar-packed green smoothies, fitness, yoga, healthy desserts and all other things wellness, with a few smiles in between, all for a sole purpose of living one’s best life possible. People generally aspire to be hot and sexy healthy and it is no surprise that health and wellness is a multi-billion industry and growing. Just look around – we are constantly brainwashed educated about how to live a healthy